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A lifetime of longing for El Puerto landscapes

Rafael Alberti was a son of his time, his life was marked by the historical circumstances of his country, which he never ceased to miss.

Cronologia 1902


Rafael Alberti opens his eyes in El Puerto de Santa Maria, in the shadow of the ships of the Bay of Cadiz.

Cronologia 1917


He moves to Madrid, where his initial vocation as a painter soon turns into a poet. He surrounds himself with other young people who will soon form, with him, the Generation of '27.

Cronologia 1930

María Teresa León

He meets María Teresa León, whom he will marry in 1932 and found the revolutionary magazine Octubre. Both will travel around Europe and the Soviet Union. During the Spanish Civil War, Alberti maintains his cultural activity and his anti-fascist activism.

Cronologia 1939

Exile in Paris and life in Latin America

They both go into exile in Paris after the Republican defeat, but soon they will have to move to Latin America, where their daughter Aitana will be born. They will live in Argentina and Uruguay.

Cronologia 1963


They return to Europe to settle in Rome in the last stage of their exile.

Cronologia 1977

Return to Spain

After Franco's death and the reinstatement of democracy, Rafael and Maria Teresa return to Spain. She died in 1988 after a long illness.

Cronologia 1990

María Asunción Mateo

He marries María Asunción Mateo, whom he met in a tribute to Antonio Machado.

Cronologia 1999

Rafael Alberti last goodbye

Rafael Alberti's eyes closed for the last time in his home in El Puerto de Santa Maria, on October 27, His ashes are now part of the sea to which he sang throughout his life.